The craftsmen at Red Man Aviation specialize in all aspects of aircraft renovation, and repair.
Red Man Aviation is your one-stop shop for all aircraft service.

For over 60 years, LP Aero Plastics has been the world’s leading wholesale manufacturer of FAA-PMA aircraft windshields and windows for the general aviation market. Their product development is unsurpassed in the industry and is reflected in their catalog and the wide range of aircraft and products. LP Aero Plastics currently holds over 1600 FAA-PMA’s covering about 500 aircraft and has many new products now being developed in their R&D department. At LP Aero Plastics, only materials with the highest quality optics is used to manufacture their windshields and windows. Their craftsmen use only aircraft-quality acrylics and other materials that meet Federal and Military specifications. All FAA-PMA approved parts are shipped with an FAA-PMA approval tag as well as a domestic 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tag.


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